1. A few old Dismemberment Plan photos from when they played the basement on Mitchell St. in Bloomington, March ‘96.

  2. London
    November 2004

  3. The Tyrades
    Ice Factory, Chicago
    July 2005

  4. Page Seven
    Flatbush, 2005

  5. Page Six.

    New York, Upper East Side, 2012

  6. Pages Four and Five.

    New York City, September 2013
    San Francisco, 2004

  7. Page Three

    San Francisco, Tenderloin, November 2011

  8. Page Two

    San Francisco, 2007

  9. Page One

    New York City, 2007

  10. Two and a Half Men — a band consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong & Jason White from Green Day and Joey Armstrong, Billie Joe’s son — played a secret, unannounced show at 1234 Go! Records in Oakland on 11 June 2014.

  11. I picked up one of these this weekend. The Schneider-Kreuznach lens caught my attention. The longish lens is a bit of a turn-off, but it was cheap. I couldn’t help myself.

  12. Hi. It’s been a while.

    San Francisco, CA
    May 2013

  13. Nothing beats the look of slide film, at least where color is concerned.

    Santa Cruz Boardwalk. An old one.

  14. …a little hardcore.

    Ruleta Rusa @ Eli’s Mile High Club
    Oakland, CA
    January 2014

  15. I can’t remember what I’ve posted here and what I haven’t. I’ve been buried in editing my street photography…cutting work down from a big (digital) pile of 2,600 images to 1,280 to 240 to about 126, where I am now.

    Photos I’d otherwise dump here and on Flickr now get extra scrutiny, since I’m in that frame of mind. Nothing is good enough. Everything has to fit in a specific context. It’s hard to even take pictures right now. I stop myself, thinking, “Will I ever even use that photo? Is it just going to get edited out?” That’s a bad place to be — editing before you even trip the shutter.